Logo Design

Basic Logo Design Package

A logo is the visual hook on which you hang your brand. It becomes the first impression with which someone identifies with your company. If used consistently it will become a recognition tool which people make immediate associations with and react to. We will create a logo design for you that will communicate your company’s personality, reflect your values, culture, and market position.

We create your custom logo design, 100% Satisfaction guaranteed!
You can copyright and trademark it when it’s done.


On Logo Design

Logo design is incredibly important to the success of your business. Choosing a designer for your logo is equally important. You need your company represented properly to be successful in the world, to attract the right type of clients. Logo design is the key. A good logo will express not only what you are but how you approach your market. Is your company serious or playful? Conservative or expressive? The use of images, fonts and colors all give an impression about who you are. Your favorite color might be lavender but if you are running a conservative financial planning firm it wouldn’t be appropriate. Your designer should understand this.

The business of logo design has taken a turn for the worse recently. There are many inexpensive logo options available to the business owner. Unfortunately they place you in the art directors chair, thinking that you know what is the correct solution for your logo. This isn’t necessarily the case. We all have our areas of expertise and design is no exception. Not everyone is a designer and not everyone can do it well. It isn’t about just making it look nice, it is about properly representing your business. It is about communicating you value, your unique market position, your attitude towards your business. It is about understanding how your logo design will be used. Are you putting it online, on a vehicle, clothing, brochures, a pen? Should it have type, or just a mark? When should a tagline appear with the logo? What is your tagline?

How we work

Logo design encompasses many aspects of who you are and the corporate culture you are creating. So when you fill out our form you are just beginning the conversation with us. It gives us a starting point for our initial conversation. We will call and or meet with you (often more than once) to learn about you and the dream you are trying to create. Our logo design will take many factors into account especially that you are an individual, a unique company or product and that you deserve a logo that expresses your own space in this world. We fit your logo design to your company vision.