Marketing Plan Design

Online Marketing Plan Design

Our Online Marketing Plans start with an assessment of where your Website and social media is now. Then we define your specific business goals and determine if the systems you have in place will efficiently support the tactics we plan to use to achieve your goals. Then we will recommend changes to the system to prepare the way for implementation.

Then as necessary we will work on any of the following items:

  • Web & Social media marketing plan design
  • Social site setup and monthly implementation plans
  • Email marketing set up and monthly implementation plans
  • Create content calendar
  • Link Building
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Traditional Marketing Plan design

A traditional marketing plan could be advertising in a local paper or magazine, a mailer to a specific group or geographic area, Marketing for an upcoming event or charity, or getting the most out of an organization sponsorship. Whatever your reason, whatever your need, we can develop a plan that will bring in results.

  • traditional mailings
  • advertising plans
  • event marketing
  • sponsorships
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Multi-prong marketing plan design

The Multi-Prong marketing plan requires a great deal of coordination but is the most effective way to saturate the market. We use both traditional and online marketing techniques  to create a plan that uses the strengths  of both types of marketing. This is a great way to build a buzz around an event or trade show.

Email marketing plan design

The Email marketing plan focuses on the message and can be used to promote the business as an industry expert or thought leader. It focuses on generating quality content that will over time allow the business owner to obtain a unique reputation among his or her peers. Key features of this type of marketing are list development, content development, consistency and a commitment to a long term marketing plan.


“When we started with PMW we knew that we had a lot of marketing problems  and really didn’t know where to start. PMW conducted a complete survey of our website, sales and marketing literature, product lines, trade shows and related displays, mailings, and branding. Then PMW provided us with a critique of our existing marketing program and an outline of corrective actions with priorities and options depending on budget, staff and use of outside resources. Based on this we were able to evaluate our situation and make the decisions necessary to move forward. We retained PMW to provide project management services, along with graphic design, re-branding concepts, web site design, and to create an event marketing email campaign. PMW also provided preliminary content editing of the e-mails blasts helping us to learn how to make them more effective prospecting tools for our sales team.”

“Now we have consistent branding across product lines, a high rate of click-thru’s on our mailings, landing pages with calls to action, modular booths with new graphics for our trade shows, and progress toward a new web site incorporating data driven concepts for on the fly creation and manipulation of landing pages, coordination with social media, and a back end for existing customers and support services. When completed, all of this content manipulation can be made by our marketing staff without the need for a web master to implement changes while safe keeping critical branding components from alteration.”

“PMW has provided the flexibility needed to help our company meet the demands of this challenging and changing business environment.”

“Results are what counts; We now have the know-how to streamline our communications, get a conversation going and keep it going, focus more on the prospect and customer and not ourselves, and drive more people to our booth at trade shows, which means that our sales force now concentrates on highly qualified prospects rather than wasting their time with leads that aren’t a good fit.”

Gabe Aiello
Sales & Marketing Manager, PCS