SEO Optimization and analytics

We will install SEO optimization and Analytics plugins onto your wordpress site. We will choose up to three product/services pages to be optimized. Next we will perform a keyword search on those pages to see if the terms have been searched, and how often, by users in the last six months. We will use the keyword generator to see how often similar terms are searched. This reporting enables us to develop strategies for you to achieve a high ranking.

Next we will refine the content to reflect the new keywords and create appropriate metatags. This will bring your web pages into alignment to ensure that you get the maximum page rank.

The installation of the SEO optimization and Analytics package will provide you with information from your site performance. It will send reports weekly to you on the progress of your website.

Over the next 3 months we will maintain and adjust the content and keywords to optimize the website.

SEO optimization and Analytics is only available to clients who have had their websites designed by For non PMW designed sites prices are determined individually. I will need to evaluate the site and see how it is designed to determine if any remedial work is needed.

  • Initial cost is $997 – includes the first three months free!
  • Monthly maintenance/adjustments $97 per month
  • Additional page optimization – $200 per page

Please contact me with any requests or questions.